7 Ways to Use Customer Reviews to Build Credibility

(Episode 2 of 2 with Troy Howard)

7 Ways to Use Customer Reviews to Build Credibility

Welcome back to another episode with Troy Howard. In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss seven strategies for leveraging customer reviews to build our credibility and promote our business.

7 Strategies for Leveraging Reviews

Are we truly leveraging our customer reviews to their fullest potential? Customer reviews are a great way for us to spread the word about our business and build our credibility. When other people discuss how great we are, people are much more likely to believe it than when we do it ourselves.

Here are seven strategies that businesses should be utilizing today to improve their market and to grow their business by putting social proof in all of their marketing.

1. Get the Review

In order to use reviews to help our business, we need to have reviews that we can share. This may sound obvious, but it is also important to understand how we get the review.

“You need to make sure that you make it easy for your clients to give you that social proof,” Troy said. We must be more proactive than just saying, “Hey, if you liked working with me, please leave me a review.” Troy continued, “You need to send out emails. You need to send out text messages to your clients to ask them to do a review. You need to give them a link that takes them right to where they’re going to leave the review.”

If we ask someone to leave a review, they’re likely not going to go through the effort of going on Google, searching for our business, finding our Google My Business listing, finding the link that says leave a review, clicking on that, logging into Google if they’re not already, and writing the review—that’s way too hard.

You have got to make_Blog

“You’ve got to make it easy for your clients to leave the review,” Troy said. We should send them links that will take them right to the page where they can leave their review. It can exponentially increase the amount of reviews we get.

Another thing we can do is set up a “Review Us” page on our website where customers can click right to the different review sites and leave reviews. Then we can tell customers to go there and that will also decrease the number of steps they’ll have to go through to leave a review.

2. Put Reviews on Your Homepage

Troy explained that a customer is 40 times more likely to believe what our client says about us than what we say about ourselves. Well, what is our website? It’s what we say about ourselves. To attract new customers we should put customer reviews on our website’s homepage in a highly visible spot.

“If you can put your client reviews on your website, people are going to believe them. In fact, there was a study done that showed that just having 20 reviews on your website can increase the conversion rate on your website by up to 88%. So, [we can] almost double it by just having those reviews on there,” Troy said. “Imagine if twice as many people took action on your website because they saw those reviews. What would that do for your business?”

Reviews tell a client’s story, so they’re very engaging, and people will want to consume that kind of content more. 

3. Utilize Reviews on Social Media

Many businesses aren’t doing much on social media because it’s time consuming. We need a social media presence to reach our audience in more places. More people are using social media to do research on companies before they do business with them. If they go to our page and find nothing there, it’s less likely that they’ll want to work with us.

One simple thing to do on social media is put customer reviews on there. It isn’t too time consuming, and it is maybe one of the best things we can do for our business on social media. Video is the best way to do this. People don’t typically go on social media to read blocks of text, so if we can have videos of customers reviewing our business and telling their stories, people will engage with them.

One of Troy’s clients, a CrossFit gym, was about to go under. They were losing about $1,500 a month and would only make it a few more months. They came to Troy, asking what they could do to turn their business around. Troy and his team told them, “It’s very simple. Get video reviews from the people who are coming to the gym, have them share their stories, have them talk about how much weight they lost, have them talk about how much more energy they have, etc.”

The company did that and they replaced the Facebook ads they were already running with these videos. They went from losing $1,500 a month to signing up 20 new people every month. Within 12 months, they were able to sell the business for a huge profit. 

“All that changed was their marketing went from them trying to sell their own service to their clients sharing their experiences and selling the service for them,” Troy said.

4. Ensure Positive Reviews Rank in Searches

Troy said that about 70% of customers will research a business online before they’ll actually contact them. Troy often asks his clients, “What’s on the first page of Google when I do a search for your business?” But many companies don’t know what comes up in that search.

“What is on that page is so important because if there’s negative reviews on there, if there’s negative comments about your business, they’re not even going to call you. You’re going to lose the business before you even have a chance to talk to them,” Troy said.

These strategies we’re discussing can help us rank on Google because Google indexes social media sites, so it gives fuel to those reviews to get them ranked higher on that first page. We must try to control what’s on that page because it is often our customers’ first impression of us.

5. Link to Reviews in Email Marketing

How many emails does our company send in a day? In a month? For most companies, it’s thousands or tens of thousands. Troy said, “Every single email going out there can be an advertising tool.”

In our email signatures, we often list our name, phone number, email address, and website. But why not put a link in the signature that goes to our reviews. It’s simple; all we need to say is, “To check out our five star reviews click here.”

Then every time we, or an employee, send an email we’re pushing social proof to whoever we’re talking to. Every time they see our email signature, subconsciously, they’re thinking, “This is a five star company. They have five star reviews,” which gives us credibility. In order to do this, we must actually be a five star company; lying to potential customers won’t help our credibility. 

In addition to putting the link, we can also put an image of five stars. “We put that in our signature because no matter whether someone clicks on that link or that image or not to go check out our reviews, subconsciously we have told them we are a five star company and they can trust us,” Troy said.

6. Utilize Space in Print Marketing

“No brochure, no flyer, no print marketing should go out the door without social proof being included in it,” Troy said. If we can get a great written review from one of our customers and put that in a brochure with their picture, that is going to do better than anything we could say.

If we don’t have space for something like that, there is a simple solution. We should already have our website address listed. Instead of just including our website, we can take up a little more space to say, “Check out our five star reviews at” and then our website address.

Even if they don’t go to our website to see the reviews, they’ll notice our confidence and will subconsciously be thinking that we are a five star company, which will give us credibility as long as it is actually the truth. 

7. Incorporate Reviews into Presentations

Some businesses may say, “We don’t do presentations.” But everyone does presentations in some form, whether it’s a formal presentation or a simple sales pitch. Including reviews in our presentations is so important.

Troy had a client who worked at a company that trained dogs. She would go out and meet with different people in their houses, and she would sell them on their dog training services. She always brought an iPad with her, so when Troy taught her this principle, she put some video reviews on the iPad.

During the sales presentation, she’d be talking to the owners, and they’d tell her about a problem they were having with their dog. She would say, “You know what, we had a client who had a very similar situation. Let me show you a really quick video of what he said.” She’d play the review right there. In just the first week of implementing this method she doubled her sales. 

As a Business owner

“As business owners, we think that we’ve got to sell, we’ve got to sell, we’ve got to sell. No. Let your clients sell,” Troy said. “Imagine if you could load up your five best customers in a car, and then drive them to every sales appointment, and before you even walk in the door, they all get out, they walk up, and they talk to the person and tell them their wonderful experience before you even walk up. Then you walk up. How do you think that sale is gonna go?”

That’s what we’re doing when we use credibility and social proof. We’re sending our best customers to share their experiences with new customers before we even talk about our services.

Key Takeaways

Thank you so much Troy for sharing your stories and insights with us today. Here are some of my key takeaways from this episode:

1. Make it easy for customers to leave a review by sending them a link.

2. To attract new customers, we should put customer reviews on our website’s homepage in a highly visible spot.

3. More people are using social media to do research on companies before they do business with them. If they go to our page and find nothing there, it’s less likely that they’ll want to work with us.

4. We must try to control what’s on the search page for our business because 70% of the time it is our customers’ first impression of us.

5. Every single email going out can be an advertising tool by putting a link to our five star reviews.

6. No brochure, no flyer, and no print marketing should go out the door without social proof being included in it.

7. Everyone does presentations in some form, whether it’s a formal presentation or a simple sales pitch. Including reviews in our presentations is so important because it can increase our sales.

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