A System for Credibility Marketing

(Episode 1 of 2 with David Jenyns)

A System for Credibility Marketing
In 2016, David Jenyns successfully systemised himself out of his business, one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies, melbourneSEOservices.com. Through this process, he became a systems devotee – founding systemHUB & SYSTEMology. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business.

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss how we can build our credibility and authority content. We will discuss how he systemized his business. 

Key Takeaways

In this episode, we will cover the following key takeaways:

  1. To generate credibility for ourselves, we can host a small event that solves a problem for our target audience and repurpose the content. 
  2. By creating systems, we make success repeatable. 
  3. With systems implemented in our businesses, we can remove ourselves from the day to day tasks required to run our organizations.  

Credibility Marketing and Authority Content 

David likes to think of everything in systems. If we want to increase our credibility, we have to create a system for it. To generate credibility for ourselves, we can begin by hosting a small event that solves a problem for our target audience and walks them through the solution step by step. 

At the event, we can record it through videos and pictures while also gaining video testimonials from our audience. We can then repurpose the event content into an online course, short social media videos, blog posts, or even a book. 

“You can reshare all of the content afterwards,” David said. “It builds into your marketing and helps with this idea of building up your credibility as someone who has something to talk about that people would want to come and listen to.”

There was a company David worked with that sells swimming pools. They hosted an event where they talked about pool maintenance and how to buy the right pool. From their small event, they made a video series that was shared frequently amongst their customers. The content and credibility from their event became a game changer for them. Not only did they get more traffic, but people also began to trust them more. 

David also worked with WP Elevation, a company that helps solo entrepreneurs with their websites. He helped them go through the same authority content system as they were starting their business. At the event, the company brain-dumped all the steps they would go through to win clients and presented it in a one day workshop. 

After the event, they repurposed the content into videos. This content became the foundation of their marketing for the year and they received many high quality leads through this content as it established their credibility. 

“You never really know where it’s going to head and each story ends up being a little bit different, but the core system and the process is the same,” David said. “Every time there are its nuances and the effects; it just depends on the business and the audience.”

By creating systems, we make success repeatable. We can go through the same steps to have similar outcomes. Just as David repeated this process with multiple diverse businesses, we can repeat it again and again within our own organizations, even when we aren’t running it ourselves. 

Systemizing His Business 

David had worked in a digital agency for over 10 years in Australia. He worked long hours, early mornings, late nights, and felt consumed with his business. When he got married and his wife got pregnant, he realized he didn’t want to be the dad that is always too busy. With this realization, he started to systemize his business so he could be less involved. 

David had an employee who showed lots of promise so he started to give her more responsibility, until eventually, she was able to take over the day to day tasks of the business completely. Over the next few years, she ran the business. When she resigned, David didn’t want to step back in and run things again so he sold the business. 

The man who bought his digital agency said he did so because of financial performance and the systems in place. He knew the business would run smoothly in transition. 

“If we hadn’t systematized that business and I was still heavily involved, I don’t think I would have been able to sell it because the business was me,” David said. “When we first started that process, if I wasn’t there, the business would grind to a halt. Whereas, because we built it up to the level we had, this guy saw some real value. . . . Systems are such an important piece of business that a lot of people very rarely master.”

When we have systems in place in our businesses, it gives us the freedom to step back and let things run without us. Once David systemized his business, he had more time to take advantage of other opportunities. One day he got a message from someone on the TedX committee in the Netherlands. He asked David to speak for them at their event and because David had systemized his business, he could step away and take that opportunity. 

“If they were handed a huge opportunity like that in their lap, a lot of business owners couldn’t take it, because they’re just so caught up in the business that it’s hard for them to take that time out, “ David said. “It’s [following] those opportunities . . . that typically reap the biggest rewards, so you need to create space for those.”

David now works to help free business owners from the daily operations of their businesses by helping them establish strong systems and processes. In the next episode, we’re going to dive deeper into how we can systemize our own businesses to save us time and increase our profits. 

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