Author: Nathan Gwilliam

How to Harness the Power of Prayer

This is Entrepreneurs of Faith, a Sunday episode of Monetization Nation. In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss prayer and how we can harness the power of prayer in our lives and in our businesses. About 24 years ago, I was a college student without a lot of money, and I was starting my first business. One week our cash flow was really bad. It was a Thursday night, and payroll had to be paid on Friday, the next day. I didn’t have any money; I had absolutely nothing to pay any of the payroll. We tried everything within our power to get the money, but none of it had worked.

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How to Stop Procrastinating

Eric Twiggs is a certified life and business coach, award-winning speaker, and author. He is the founding partner and president of The What Now Movement, where his mission is to build high-performing entrepreneurs, authors, and career professionals.
He is also the author of The Discipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles to Overcome Procrastination, a book which has been recognized as a Global Top Ten Finalist for the 2020 Author Elite Awards in the category of Best Self Help Book.

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How to Write a Good Speech with New Ideas

Andrew Davis is a keynote speaker and a bestselling author of BRANDSCAPING: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships and TOWN Inc: Grow Your Business, Save Your Town, Leave Your Legacy. Before building and selling a thriving digital marketing agency, he produced for NBC and worked for The Muppets. He’s appeared in the New York Times and on the Today Show. He’s also crafted documentary films and award-winning content for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands.

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How to Network in the 21st Century

David J.P. Fisher (also known as D. Fish) is a speaker, coach, and author of nine books, including Networking in the 21st Century and Hyper-Connected Selling. David helps salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs understand the Sales Sherpa™ Path, where social media, networking, and traditional sales skills are the key to providing value and staying relevant.

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