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7 Takeaways from The Chosen for Entrepreneurs

Welcome back to another faith episode. Today, we’re going to discuss seven takeaways from the TV series, The Chosen.
If you haven’t watched The Chosen, I highly recommend it. It is my favorite TV series of all time. The series is about the life of Jesus Christ and while I’ve seen many different series and Media Productions about Christ, none of them have resonated with me in the way that this production does.

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What is Venture Capital and 3 Ways to Reduce Its Risk

Andrew Romans is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and advisor for governments and corporations on Corporate Venture Capital programs. He is the CEO and General Partner of 7BC Venture Capital and the co-founder of Rubicon venture capital, a venture capital fund focused on investing in and supporting artificial intelligence (AI), FinTech, and software infrastructure startups. By the time he was 28 years old, he’d raised more than $48 million for tech startups he founded.

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