How to Grow Your Business with Video Testimonials

(with Adam O’Leary)

How to Grow Your Business with Video Testimonials
Before Adam O’Leary co-founded TrustScout, a successful video testimonial capture tool, he was $32k in debt working as an overnight custodian. Today, we’re going to discuss how Adam went from thousands of dollars in debt, to traveling the world and living the life he wants, largely because of the power of video testimonials. 

Key Takeaways

In today’s episode, we will cover the following key takeaways:

  1. Video testimonials are an incredible way to build our credibility and trust with our audience. 
  2. Before we ask our customers for a video testimonial, we should provide them with massive value.
  3. To encourage our customers to provide a video testimonial we can give them an incentive.
  4. We can put our video testimonials on their own webpage and use it to generate sales. 

How Adam Went From $32k in Debt to Earning His Agency $2 Million a Year

Adam had no idea how to get ahead. He took a job as a night custodian at his university to help pay for college, but knew he wanted something more. He had hopes to travel the world, but he had no money. He started buying programs, sales courses, books, etc. online to find a way to escape his current job, but instead, he ended up getting $32k in credit card debt. 

At the time, Adam also worked in real estate. While he was there, he started learning about Facebook ads and discovered that there was a higher turnover rate in certain neighborhoods. He started targeting these areas and would end up with 30-60 new leads a month. However, the process was emotionally draining. Many people trying to sell homes were doing so because of the loss of a family member. So, Adam would hand over his leads to other real estate agents instead. 

About two months after he started handing away his leads, his manager called him in to talk to him and suggested that he’d be able to make a lot more money if he would just help people get their own leads, instead of giving them his own. So, Adam started looking online for people who made over a million dollars a year. One of these successful entrepreneurs ran a software company. Adam reached out multiple times, until the entrepreneur finally agreed to talk to him after he finished a course and attended one of his events. 

Adam ended up flying to the Philippines to attend the event and sat down with this successful businessman, looking for work. He was asked to respond to everyone who  messaged him in the chat box in a webinar. When it was over, Adam promised that if he let him work for him for 30 days for free, he could make him a lot of money. 

At the end of 30 days, he asked, “How will you make me money?” Adam first increased the price of his software and then ran a webinar to gain video testimonials about the software for the website. At the webinar he didn’t sell anything. He simply talked about the software and then asked for their feedback. Adam made a lead page with all the reviews and in the end, he helped the agency grow and get past the $2 million mark per year. Since then, he has started doing similar things for other businesses and clients. 

Over time, Adam and his partner found that video testimonials were converting significantly better than their other written reviews. They started to focus on video testimonials which ended up producing more sales and better conversions. With this realization, they founded TrustScout, a software designed to help you collect video testimonials from your customers. 

So, what majorly contributed to Adam’s success? Video testimonials. 

Why should we use video testimonials? 

Video testimonials are an incredible way to build our credibility and trust with our audience. Reviews give our customers proof that our product or service works and video reviews feel even more real and authentic. 

Adam once worked with a client who had 100,000 customers, but only had three video testimonials. When he noticed this, he asked the client, “Would you pay me to go out and hunt for these video testimonials for you? I’d love to be able to include them in the sales pages that we’re running.” The client agreed. 

“If you’re going to write sales copy, video testimonials are great to show social proof,” Adam said. “You want to have people bragging about how amazing [you are]. You need to find case studies.”

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Adam ended up taking their page that wasn’t converting great and put together a sales package with video testimonials that helped them drive $10k per month. This simple credibility booster of testimonials helped them achieve major success. 

One thing we can do when starting to gather video testimonials is find the leading expert in our industry and ask them to do a video testimonial for us. “My favorite little trick that I like to use to immediately gain reputation in a specific market is I find the biggest, baddest influencer in that market and I [get] a video from them,” Adam said. 

This can be the fastest way to boost credibility since a known and respected leader approves of our brand. “There’s nothing you can write on paper that can boost your credibility like that,” Adam said. “It’s the fastest way to tap into any industry.”

How to Get Video Testimonials 

Sometimes asking for video testimonials from our customers can feel daunting. To make it easier, Adam recommended two things:

  1. Give your customer a big win, and then ask for a testimonial.  

Before we ask our customers for a video testimonial, we should provide them with massive value. We have to give to our customers before we receive anything in return. 

If Adam is looking to gain more video testimonials, he will often strategically host an event focused on providing value to his ideal customers. When the event is over, he will say, “If you loved what we did, if you love the software, I’d love for you to go and talk about X,Y, Z in a video testimonial.” 

By giving the customer a big win before asking for a small favor, the customer will be much more likely to follow through. “You have to give in order to receive. If you just go ahead and ask people for a video testimonial, you’re probably not going to get it,” Adam said. 

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  2. Provide an incentive. 

To encourage our customers to provide a video testimonial we can also give them an incentive such as a discount code for our product or a free bonus. However, if we give an incentive we should make sure to disclose that information on our website. 

Where do we put video testimonials?

Once we have our video testimonials, what do we do with them? Adam loves to put all of his video testimonials on a “wall of love”. We can create a website page dedicated to our testimonials for our customers to easily go through. 

On this page, we can scatter the “buy” button throughout. When customers watch these videos they will be hit with hundreds of people saying why our product is the greatest thing they’ve used and this can really push people into buying. Having that “buy” button right there making it easy for them to purchase is a great idea. 

We can use this “wall of love” page as a sales page. We can direct people to this page when we make phone sales or talk in person. We can even run ads and include the link to our testimonial page. We can also test video testimonial placement on our website to find what works best for us. 

“People don’t necessarily believe what you say. People will take a referral 10 times [faster] than what you [say] about yourself. So inside of video sales letters, we’ll slip inside . . . retargeting ads,” Adam said. “If somebody is really on the fence or if there’s a deadline that somebody has to hit to buy before an event or something like this, it’s pretty critical that you put that social proof in front of them.”

Connect with Adam

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