How to Overcome Challenges To Build a Successful Business

(Episode 1 of 2 with Kristin Swanson)

How to Overcome Challenges To Build a Successful Business

“Someday when I have more time, I will start my own business.” Does this phrase feel familiar? We often find ourselves putting our goals and dreams on hold because we experience resistance or challenges such as time restraints or a lack of money. Kristen Swanson, a breast cancer survivor, learned that we don’t have to wait for “someday” through a life changing event. Her experience helped her realize that we don’t have to wait for “someday”. We can go after our goals now. 

Kristen helps thought leaders execute their “Someday when…” procrastination projects with ease. As a breast cancer survivor and trained coach at the Coaches Institute, Kristen has learned the importance of getting out of one’s own way and how to stop waiting until “someday” to make a unique impact. Realizing that you only live once, she has gained perspective tools and strategies to overcome the illusions fear instills in us.

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss “Someday when…” projects and how we can overcome resistance and challenges. We will also take a look at personal branding. 

“Someday When…” Projects

“Someday when I have more time, I will do X.” “Someday when my kids are grown up I will start X.” These types of projects, the ones we put off for something else, are what Kristin calls “Someday when…” projects. 

“[They are] things that we put off until ‘someday’ because the business of today is typically getting in the way of your business and vision of tomorrow,” Kristin explained. “I believe that there’s resistance that stops people . . . [from] their soul-led goals, these whispers that are in the back of your mind [saying,] ‘Someday what I really want to do is this.’ There’s often blocks and resistance to taking those actions so it’s really easy to put it off. I like to help people overcome those blocks.”

We often put our biggest goals and dreams in life at the bottom of our priority list, saying we’ll do it when life gets easier. However, there will always be resistance working against our goals. If we wait for those challenges to simply go away, we will be waiting forever. Kristin works to help entrepreneurs overcome these blocks. 

Kristin started in project management and visions and eventually became a business coach. In the process of coaching, she ended up putting off her own business for eight years. She said this was her biggest mistake. When she was diagnosed with cancer, this really put things into perspective. While she beat cancer, she realized that we don’t have to wait. If we have a dream to start a business, we can start small or even start a small side hustle. There is power in simply getting started. 

Her greatest home run happened when she was able to let go of the fear of failure and of what people think and start her own business. 

“Being a cancer survivor kicked me into gear with getting out of my own way, with getting back to my business. It really taught me to not wait,” Kristin said. “I just encourage people to not wait until some life event like that.”

So, how do we overcome the resistance in our paths? Kristin shared five tips. 

How to Overcome Resistance and Challenges

1. Start with Visualization

Kristin encourages people to start with visualization. We should figure out what we really want before we go after it. “Get super clear on the vision of your business of tomorrow,” Kristin said.

One way we can do this is through personal reflection. We can ask our questions such as, “What do I want? Why do I want that? Where do I want to be in five years? How will I get there?” Another thing we can do is start brainstorming with a like-minded colleague. When we explain our goal to a friend, it will help us visualize exactly what we want to achieve and what our achieved goal will look like. 

2. Take Small Actions

We don’t have to try and tackle a huge project right off the bat. We can start by completing small actions that will lead us to our goals.

Break [your goal]_Blog

“Break [your goal] down into a very tiny actionable chunk that you can fit onto your already full plate, and keep taking those small actions,” Kristin said. “I often help people to break it down into something that’s just a 15 minute task that you can do once a day before you even open your email inbox or you start your Zoom calls. . . . Make sure you’re putting those things first.”

We shouldn’t let perfectionism stop us. We should just get started and keep moving forward. Just do it. As we begin to take small actions, we will learn and find our own voice. We can also get out there and talk to people who have been there and done it. As we take actions, we learn what will help eliminate resistance. 

3. Pay Attention to Resistance

We should pay attention to what is stopping us. Is it time? Is it money? What is the cause of our procrastination? Is it fear? We should figure out what is stopping us from accomplishing our goals so we can work to overcome it. Once we know what is distracting us, we can make a change to put it aside and focus on our goals.

“Talk through what I call “the gap.” What are the obstacles that are standing in your way of getting there? Slowly go through how you’re going to overcome each of those obstacles, and then chunk away at it, one thing at a time,” Kristin said. 

4. Manage Your Energy

We should manage our energy. We should schedule activities that help boost our energy throughout the day so we are more productive and creative.

“Everybody talks about time management and making sure you get the right things on the calendar but I believe that it’s even more important to manage your energy,” Kristin said.  “Book a time slot with things that are going to boost your energy, whether that’s exercise, nutrition, meditation, or whatever [will help you] have good energy to start the day with.”

Everybody talks _Blog

5. Catch Limiting Beliefs 

We have to be careful of limiting beliefs. These are the negative things we tell ourselves that make us question our capability in achieving our goals.

“Question your limiting beliefs. Ask yourself, ‘Is that true? Can I absolutely know that’s true?’ And then just ask yourself, ‘What is possible?’” Kristin said. “I think it’s good to have somebody else to brainstorm it with because sometimes we can really get in our own way.”

In addition to catching our own limiting beliefs, we should also help our team members overcome these beliefs as well. To help them with this and to encourage them to be problem solvers, not problem finders, we can spend more time explaining the “why” behind the projects we do to them. 

Personal Branding 

When I asked Kristin to share her best monetization strategy, she said it is to understand our unique gifts. What is our superpower? What makes us unique? We should find our own personal strengths and use that in our personal branding to really build a business. 

The biggest tectonic shift she sees is the shift towards personal branding. The shift requires us to know who we are and what we are good at. We should turn what we have into our product and service. It becomes a way we can get paid to be who we are and share our gifts with the world. 

Kristin works with a lot of entrepreneurs to help them with their personal brand. She encourages them to use their unique gifts and use that as their niche. Then they can market their brand based on their personality and superpowers. 

“There’s something about really knowing yourself and following [personal] guidance,” Kristin said. “I think it’s really honoring that [your business] can be your unique way. You don’t have to follow some other expert’s business model that you see out there in your field. It can be different based on your unique strengths.” 

We should invest in ourselves for personal branding. Personal development can really help catapult us towards success. We don’t want to try to be like everyone else out there since we won’t stand out. Our business will stand out when we can create a personal brand unique to us. 

Key Takeaways

Thank you so much Kristin for sharing your stories and insights with us today. Here are some of my key takeaways from this episode:

1. We often put off our biggest goals saying, “Someday when…” Instead, we should take action and go for it. There is power in simply getting our momentum started. What step can we take today towards our goal?

2. There will always be resistance working against our goals. We should work to overcome it instead of waiting for it to go away.

3. We should figure out exactly what we really want before we go after it.

4. We don’t have to tackle a huge project head on. We can start by completing small actions that will lead us to our goals.

5. By paying attention to resistance, we will be better equipped to overcome it.

6. We should avoid limiting beliefs by focusing on what is possible instead of what isn’t.

7. We should implement personal branding by leveraging our unique gifts.

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