Love Much

Love Much

This is Entrepreneurs of Faith, a Sunday episode of Monetization Nation. I’m Nathan Gwilliam, your host. In today’s episode, I want to share with you a couple of stories that are on my mind and scripture that goes with them. 

Aaron and Amie Cook

Over a decade ago, I did a lot of consulting work in Brazil. I spent about half of three years in Brazil; I would go to Brazil for about two weeks, come home to the United States for about two weeks, and then go back. During that time, I was blessed to help build Azul Airlines and several ventures to provide for my family. 

Being so far away from my family for extended periods of time was very difficult for me, so I would call home as often as I could. One night when I was talking to my wife on a video call, in the background I heard a huge shattering of glass. In my mind, as the over-protective husband and father, I imagined that someone had just come through a glass door or glass window. 

My wife was very, very tired, and she was done for the day. She didn’t even want to go check out the glass-shattering sound. Being on the other side of the world and not being there to help protect and take care of my family, I was really worried. After some cajoling, she finally went and checked it out and showed me on the video camera what it was.

In our master bathroom, we had a very large mirror that spanned two sinks. That mirror had not been attached to the wall very well; they had glued it on in an insufficient way. And so with hot showers and steam, that huge mirror fell off the wall and completely shattered that night when I was on the phone with my wife. 

My wife has some serious health conditions and it was just too much for her to deal with that evening so she closed the door, we finished our conversation, and she went to bed. The next day, some of our dear friends from the neighborhood, Aaron and Amie Cook, came and cleaned up the mess for her. And that wasn’t the only time they helped our family. I believe, while I was traveling on business trips, Amie and/or Aaron came and helped multiple times when water flooded in our basement. 

It was very hard for me to have these emergencies as I was traveling and to not be there to provide and protect my family as they needed it. However, I’m eternally grateful for Aaron and Amie Cook who were there for my family, along with many others. Even though I was doing what I needed to do and I was where I needed to be, it was still hard to not be there for my family and I am so grateful that there were other people who loved my family to help out when I couldn’t.

Josh Clark

I want to tell you another story about Josh Clark. While I was on a business trip in Texas, my daughter was driving to school and her car broke down on the side of the road. As I mentioned before, my wife has some serious health conditions. She’s in a wheelchair and is not able to drive so she couldn’t go help our daughter. 

My daughter called me and asked me to help her. I was on the other side of the country, and couldn’t get there physically. So, I stepped out of my meeting and called a tow truck to help her in the best way I could. Just after I’d called and scheduled a tow truck to come, she called me back because a friend of ours from church, Josh Clark, had pulled up behind her. He opened her car’s hood, diagnosed the problem, fixed the issue, and my daughter was able to get her to school on time. I will forever be grateful to Josh Clark for being there for my daughter when I was unable to be there. 

As we love_Blog

I recently heard Josh tell a story of a time where the tables were turned on him. He had taken a job in North Dakota and was driving a truck in the oil fields. His wife was pregnant and while she was on a trip, she went into premature labor. They took her to a hospital and she and the baby were not in great condition. When his parents and his wife’s parents heard about this, they immediately got in their cars and drove to meet Josh’s wife at the hospital. They were able to be there for Josh’s wife and his new child, to pray for them, bless them, and do the things that Josh wanted to do, while he was on the other side of the country. 

Josh was doing what he had to do to provide for his family, but it was tearing his heart out that he wasn’t able to be there when his family needed him. He was so grateful for those extended family members that we’re able to be there for his wife and child when he could not be there. It’s interesting to see how good works are often returned to us. 

Luke 7:47: Much Love

Her sins which_Blog

There’s a scripture in the Bible I have been thinking a lot about this week in Luke 7:47.

This is the story of the woman who came to Christ and washed his feet. She kissed Christ’s feet, anointed his feet with ointment, and washed Christ’s feet with her hair as well. While she did this, there was a man there with them named Simon. Simon was critical of what Christ had allowed this woman to do. He essentially said, “If you knew the sins this woman had committed, you would not have let her touch you and do this to you.” 

To this Christ said something very profound. He said, “Her sins which were many were forgiven because she loved much.” (Source: KJV Luke 7:47)

That gospel principle resonates with me. The woman was forgiven because she loved much. As we love, serve others, and bless the lives of others, we do what Christ would do if He were here and we often receive grace in our lives. We don’t earn it, it doesn’t come because we do X or check some box. It comes because we are seeking to love much; we are seeking to be like Jesus Christ. 

I think heaven is going to be filled with people like Josh Clark and Aaron and Amie Cook, who have shown much love to so many people around them. I’m grateful to have those kinds of people in my life and I’m grateful for their examples. I’m striving to be more like them and to love much. 

Thanks for joining me for this episode. I wish you success as you strive to love much.

Key Takeaways

Here are some of my key takeaways from this episode:

1. When we love much we are coming closer to and becoming more like God.

2. When we love much, we will often receive grace and forgiveness.

3. As we love, serve, and bless the lives of others, we do what Christ would do if He were here.

Next Steps

1. Pray to see opportunities where God would like you to love and serve others.

2. Decide on someone to whom you are going to show much love today.

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